Virginia Beach Hockey Club​​
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VBHC Team Players and Parents

The Mission or the Team is to assemble a group of mentors and athletes committed to promoting camaraderie, competition, and athleticism to those with disabilities. 

Our goal is to develop a team atmosphere and a positive environment for mentors and athletes who want to learn to play hockey. There are no physical limitations to join the team but require a strong work ethic, dedication, and a positive attitude.

Players and parents are encouraged to review the information provided below.  As a parent, if you wish to get involved as a Coach or Volunteer, please see contact one our Coaches for more information.

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Players, Coaches, Volunteers and Referees must maintain an active membership in USA Hockey to participate in sanctioned events.  Visit the USA Hockey website for more information.

We are always looking for coaches and volunteers for our organization. Dedicated coaches and volunteers are the lifeblood of any amateur sport program. The VBHC Destoryers Sled Team leadership recognizes this and is looking for motivated individuals who will lend their time, effort, and expertise to make a difference in the community.

What Equipment is Needed?

The Virginia Beach Hockey Club will assist any player, or prospective player, by working to provide all the necessary equipment as it is available.  Players who wish to replace or upgrade their equipment may purchase common equipement (helmet, gloves shoulder pads, etc.) a any of the local or on-line retailers.  If available, the club can replace damaged equipment on the spot.
​​Sleds are usually made of light-gauge aluminum, consisting of a customized bucket to sit in. A backrest can be used depending on the ability of the athlete. A frame supports the bucket, legs and feet, and is mounted on two skate blades attached under the bucket. Straps keep the player secure in the sled.

Athletes with double lower-limb loss tend to have an advantage here, since they can use shorter sleds with no leg supports, resulting in a smaller turn radius.

Instead of one hockey stick, players use two for propulsion, passing and shooting. The sticks may be up to 100 cm long (roughly 3 feet) but are usually between 75-95 cm and can be wood, aluminum, or composite materials. The sticks have metal picks on one end for players to propel themselves. Those with limited grip can have sticks secured to their hands allowing them to participate.

Players are outfitted with a hockey helmet with face mask, gloves, and body protection including shoulder pads, shin guards, elbow pads, neck guard, and hockey gloves.

Goalies wear basically the same equipment but do make modifications to the glove; metal picks are attached to the backside allowing the goalie to maneuver.

Sled hockey has a relatively small number of equipment suppliers to provide the sleds, sticks and picks that are unique to sled hockey.  All other hockey equipment that is necessary such as helmets, gloves, etc. can be bought from any other stand-up hockey equipment supplier.  See our links below.